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Cruiser Bike Vs Mountain Bike

What is a Cruiser Bike?

A cruiser bike also called beach cruiser is a type of bicycle that has wide, low pressure tire also known as balloon tire. Cruiser bicycles are best bikes when it comes to the comfort and styles. These are basically normal bikes which you can find anywhere on the road and also they are very heavy in weight and slow due to their wide balloon tires. They have usually single gear as these bikes are not used for racing but only for casual riding. They were designed to give maximum comfort

What is a mountain Bike?

A mountain bike is a bicycle created mainly for racing and off-road bike riding like Mountain trails or terrains which includes stony hills, single tracks with muddy conditions or steep inclination. With all the mountain bikes coming with multiple gear factors which helps in increasing the speed. They also have various customizable options and they are great for adventure lovers those who have great adrenaline rush. They also have various categories made according to the type of terrain where you want to do the riding.

Differences between Cruiser Bikes and Mountain Bikes

Although cruiser bikes and mountain bikes, they both are bicycles but they have huge differences in between them. From comfort level to the cost almost everything differs and of course not to forget the design and performance. While mountain bikes came later and basically they were made from the idea taken from cruiser bikes, the cruiser bikes came much earlier than the mountain bikes and they were hugely popular until the mountain bikes came to the scene and dominated the market. Again the time turned and the cruiser bikes after some modification were back in markets and they became a hit with the customers.

Here are some of the basic differences between Cruiser bikes and Mountain Bikes.


Cruiser Bikes – it is well said everything is beautiful and they have their own way of looking beautiful, meaning these both bikes are beautiful in their own ways. While the cruisers have become classics being the oldest modified form of the bicycle they come in various retro looks apart from having the beautiful paint jobs they also have various beautiful designs and arts painted on them like paintings of beautiful flowers and classic vines or stylish letters carved on them. Also they come with various lines made up from metal flake paint, oil paint, pastels or candy. They have various designs depending on your gender like for girls it comes in girlish styles to suit their elegance and for boys in funkier style to suit their style.

Mountain Bikes – As the name suggests and for the purpose they are made for, that is tough riding on toughest of the terrains they are rugged in looks and hunky in style, with mainstream racing logos on them they have purely sporty looks. Tough in style and looking at them makes you feel so mean as they feel like younger brother of some bigger vehicles.


Cruiser Bikes – Cruisers are designed for everyone barring the riders who love riding on rough terrains. You can find the cruisers anywhere on the road, sideways or pathways. They don’t have any extra or special equipment as they are designed for normal people and normal riding on paved roads and this makes them a lot cheaper when compared to the mountain bikes. You can buy a normal cruiser for less than $100 or $100 while some of them with some extra features and equipment can cost you more than $600.

Mountain Bikes- They are designed for various riding sports where riding usually taking place on difficult landscapes. They can be treated roughly as they are made from usually costly and more durable materials when compared to the cruiser bikes. Also the equipment used in the mountain bike is more sophisticated like gearing, Herculean built, and special shock absorber. This type of special equipment makes them very much expensive with some mountain bikes costing more than $12000. The price range of mountain bikes is $500 to$12000.


Cruiser Bikes – As described above they are made for normal people. Keeping the requirements in the mind they are made from less advanced and less equipment. With only few gears and many having only one gear, they have less speed and potential. Most of the cruisers have brake on their paddle but you can add the hand brakes to them at your own expense.

Mountain Bikes – No doubt that mountain bikes are always better when it comes to performance. With various multiple advanced gears going up to 12 gears and this gives them a great power and also making them stable on any condition when compared to cruiser bikes which are only stable on smooth pavements like highways or city roads. They also have various other equipment like better suspension which comes with rear and back dual shock absorber which prevents from making it unstable while riding on rigid surface. Modern mountain bikes are endowed with hand operated brakes which are disk brake for better and fast stopping of the bicycle and this gives mountain bike a real edge over cruiser bikes.


Cruiser Bikes – With pedal forward design that keeps pedal more forward for better pedaling and low laid seats to avoid accidents, they are the best bikes when it comes to the comfort level as they provide maximum comfort to the bikers. You can not bend and ride it as riders are meant for sitting straight like you sit at our desk at home or office. They are designed for maximum comfort and ease.

Mountain Bikes – They are not meant to provide comfort and ease as they are sporty bikes and they can be uncomfortable while riding it sometimes as it makes the rider to lean forward and ride it so that he can pedal faster while racing.

These both bikes have their different usage and one can not ignore the above point while buying a bike. Like it has no meaning to buy a mountain bike for riding it in city, although it will work properly but you will have to pay extra bucks for no use on the other hand for racing and riding in tough rocky terrains you can not purchase cruiser bikes and you can end up hurting yourself as these cruiser bikes are not as durable and strong as mountain bikes. So please research properly before buying the bike on the basis of your requirements and needs.

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